Ensuring the Highest Security for Your Point Of Sale System

Posted on: 6 February 2018

Being a retail business owner means continuously being wary of any fraudulent activities on your premises that could lead to a decline in your bottom line. As a result, most business owners will choose to invest in a point of sale system to ensure that they have a reliable as well as a secure way to collect payments from their customers. Nonetheless, if you are not vigilant, you could find that you are still making a loss by being ripped off through your POS. Unscrupulous employees could try to beat the system, and it is only when significant amounts of money go missing that you would notice something is off kilter. If you would like to ensure the highest consumer safety as well as protect your profits, below are a couple of things that you should do to keep your POS system tamper-proof.

Routinely track reports from your POS

A prominent reason why business owners would choose to install a POS system on their retail premises is to enhance the tracking of their sales. Nevertheless, some people may think that the work is done once they have the POS in place and only check the records when they are in the mood. This laid-back attitude is what makes it easier for any discrepancies to go unnoticed by you. As long as you have your point of sale system, you should take the time to go through inventory as well as sales reports on a regular basis. These inspections allow you to spot anything that may not add up and give you the opportunity to follow up before it becomes a routine occurrence. Take note that in some cases it may not mean that your employees are stealing from you, but perhaps they may have made some oversights which they would now be aware of and avoid in the future.

Routinely update the POS software

As with a majority of digital equipment, POS system comprises of both hardware and software. The software is specially designed to adapt to the continually changing digital requirements that the retail industry has. However, some of these updates have to be manually undertaken to ensure that your POS is meeting your security needs. Some business owners may assume that they can put off updating their software as long as the POS is functioning as it should be. However, what they are not bearing in mind is those old versions of the software could be hacked into if the system has not been updated with the latest security patches. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your POS is updated as frequently as needed.


Checking fair weights and measures

We have a small artisanal food supply company. We have to make sure that our products are all up to the weight we state on the pack and hopefully not too far over. Our production process isn't quite as precise as the bigger companies, but we still have to make the same standards. I have been working with the weights and scale technician to make sure we get quick and accurate weights on our products. That way we can know we are giving the customer exactly what they are after. This blog is for other small scale food producers trying to get their products weighed accurately.

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